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26.09.2018 VTU vakdag GO 2018 (GO), Gorinchem 2018 - Netherland

Art Funeral Italy
The Luxury of the Italian Way.

Scrigno Michelangelo Merisi Piuma di Mogano Sapeli Crotch

The basic tint of this urn is determined by the the mahogany sapeli wood.The intarsia on the interior surfaces and on the lid are crafted from mahogany crotch with the characteristic plume pattern.The framing is made of wenge which is inserted in a light precious wood such as birch, maple, cypress or English holly.The acanthus leaf known from ancient Greece is manufactured from stainless steel, horse chestnut and mother of pearl at the top.The lockable chest is lined with leather and velvet on the inside.The key can be removed to serve as a memorabilia.The key is available in several precious metals. A variety of different keys can be ordered.All accoutrements  specified under „options / accessories“  match with this treasure chest.